Proper landscape planning and designs with the sustainability concept and approach help to create a conducive and responsive environment of housing development.

Landscape is an essential part of the environment. Landscape, which includes topography, vegetation and associated plants and soil, water bodies, and their spatial configuration, is one of the most visual needs of people. It has been observed that a pleasing landscape can bring mental and physical benefits to residents.

The understanding and preference by people on their surrounding landscape provide a challenge forpolicy-making and implementation in housing property. Landscape design is the art of developing a habitable space for its greatest use and enjoyment. Thus, an effective landscape design can become integral part of a good community environment.

Well-defined landscape space can enhance the quality of living areas which meet people’s preferences. Landscape design is not only limited to plant materials,it also focuses on the hardscape that complement the plants in order to create a successful design. Landscape design nowadays became a factor influencing the price and value of the Housing property. With an experience of more than 80 housings and Township projects we have delivered excellent quality of living to our clients.

NMP DESIGN Pvt. Ltd. is a professional firm offering Landscape Design Consultancy Services (originally founded in 1994). It is located in New Delhi and is presently consulting on projects all over India, some abroad. Over the years NMP DESIGN Pvt. Ltd. has collaborated successfully with a variety of co-professionals (architects, landscape architects, planners, engineers, horticulturists, artists & vendors etc.) to deliver outstanding built projects.

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