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Ireo Skyon, the23-acre gated housing community in Gurgaon binds a modern aesthetic of smart homes, i.e., hi-tech apartments with a contemporary landscape of clarity, functionality and tranquility. Through interconnected open spaces, verdant mature tree canopies, playful use of water and land, the landscape design caters to the needs of form, maintenance and circulation with those of quality green spaces for play, pleasure and visible relief from climatic extremities.

Picturesque views of beautifully landscaped gardens, sitting spaces and pedestrian walkways provide serenity and a sense of calm from the inside. The experience outdoors through a network of pleasant walkwayslead one to the contemporary gazebos, serene water bodies, beautiful planting, dynamic gardens and children's play areas create a resort like ambience.

Intensive programming requirements of community gardens, badminton courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, play areas, public art installations, golf park and public plazas are beautifully woven together in the fabric of a luxury housing project. Use of durable and long-lasting materials and patterning exhibit a commitment to quality.

At the core of the site is a club with a swimming pool and attached lawns for formal gatherings and celebrations.The club, a strong architectural statement,is a focal point of the arrival plaza and the 4-acre sunken Pitch 'n' Putt Golf Park in the midst of high rise towers.The swimming pool environs are designed in response to the elliptical plan of the club. The pool has well defined children's pool and Jacuzzi. The pool deck and the club deck overlook the sunken golf park.

The high density development captures a sense of the larger open space, yet each residential cluster has its own unique spaces for recreation and sports, contemplation and relaxation. These spaces are linked by pedestrian walkways creating a walking trail from one cluster to another. The experience through the greens, with sunlight, fragrance and water along the walkways keeps changing the experience and engagement of the user with distinct views and interesting vistas.

All landscaped areas on virgin ground are at a level slightly lower than the adjacent walkways. As a result rain and storm water percolates into the ground, in the larger open spaces. This sensitive landscape engineering ensures that disposal of the surface runoff and structured solutions are kept to a minimal.

The planting strategy was largely focused on selection of a plant palette which is drought resistant and can do well with extreme climatic conditions with heat, dryness and sandy soils.The challenge of balancing the heavy built mass on the site was overcome by the close spacing of trees with umbrella shaped foliage that cuts the views of the towers from the ground. Closely spaced tall columnar trees were used as buffer.The simple plant palette avoids the clutter of multispecies compositions providing a sense of calm and serenity. The extensive tree plantation also helped reduce the carbon footprint.

The landscape not only looks green, but also behaves green i.e., it is designed to be completely sustainable. Due emphasis has been laid on saving irrigation water through sensory sprinklers which are time and need based, selection of native species to ensure less water consumption, minimizing urban heat island effect, use locally available materials, LED light fixtures, to use recycled water for irrigation and to channelize all rain water to ensure rain water harvesting.

The soil fill upto 6' above the basements ensures that the trees planted in the greens achieve their full growth and do not remain stunted. This adds to the sustainability and greenery of the project unlike other condominium wherein trees are not planted in the central greens.