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Ireo Victory Valley is a new residential destination embellishing the address of Sector 67, Gurgaon. The individuals seeking an excellent and comprehensive residential solution now have an access to every amenity that they have been dreaming of.

This Residential township exudes great architectural and landscape designing and indulging modern lifestyle. There is an engulfing cover of vast greenery around Ireo Victory Valley in the form of a Central Garden, and themed gardens. Also at disposal are tennis & squash courts, Theater Plaza, Fitness Centers and an exciting club.

Ireo Victory Valley, a high-rise lush apartment is greeted by a luxuriant forest of green, and a breathtaking view of a statuesque sculpture resting on an illuminated fountain of water. Ireo Victory Valley has a glowing experience of green which goes on with all three towers which make up the housing complex, in the form of beautifully groomed tree canopies.

Picturesque views of beautifully landscaped gardens, sitting spaces and pedestrian walkways provide serenity and a sense of calm from the inside. The experience outdoors through a network of pleasant walkways lead one to the contemporary gazebos, serene water bodies, beautiful planting, dynamic gardens and children's play areas create a resort like ambience. Private Gardens Connect seamlessly with the central greens in a terraced valley-like formation.

The Central Valley is the essence of the complex. It is crafted up of horizontal and vertical greenery. The exquisite landscaping of this grand valley– with charming gardens and water bodies invites nothing less than open-mouthed awe from onlookers and provides peace of mind to the residents.

A 'Valley of the Palms and Pots' is provided which has 100 palm trees and several decorative potted plants to foster a meditative environment. Play Hills are also provided as grassy knolls that allow children to play freely without you having to worry about their well-being. There is also a Wave Valley with a dense bamboo forest that's aquatically themed with a Zen-like vibe and is ideal for relaxation.

The 3.2 Km Fitness Trail as a jogging/walking track with distance markers at regular intervals, and foot therapy lounges along the way act as an excellent step towards a healthy living.

All landscaped areas on virgin ground are at a level slightly lower than the adjacent walkways. As a result rain and storm water percolates into the ground, in the larger open spaces. This sensitive landscape engineering ensures that disposal of the surface runoff and structured solutions are kept to a minimal.

The planting strategy was largely focused on selection of a plant palette which is suitable to the climate of the area. The challenge to compensate the heavy built mass on the site was overcome by using close spacing of trees with umbrella shaped foliage that cuts the views of the towers, that also results in a low carbon footprint. Closely spaced tall columnar trees were used as buffer. The simplified plant palette avoids the clutter of multispecies compositions providing a sense of calm and serenity.

The landscape not only looks green, but also behaves green i.e., it is designed to be completely sustainable. Due emphasis has been laid on saving irrigation water through sensory sprinklers which are time and need based, selection of native species to ensure less water consumption, minimizing urban heat island effect, use locally available materials, LED light fixtures, to use recycled water for irrigation and to channelize all rain water to ensure rain water harvesting.

The soil fill up to 6' above the basements ensures that the trees planted in the greens achieve their full growth and do not remain stunted. This adds to the sustainability and greenery of the project unlike other condominium wherein trees are not planted in the central greens.