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Raffles University is located about 3 km from Pari chowk, Greater Noida. This Campus is an offshoot of the Raffles University at Singapore. The architecture of the university is very stylish and contemporary. The major challenge in designing the landscape was to respond pro-actively to the architectural character. The Landscape design manages to do so in a very successful manner.

The master plan comprises of an academic building and a hostel block and network of walkways which connect the two. Different kinds of sports facilities happen along these walkways.

The architecture of the campus buildings makes use of the basement for a variety of recreational usages. It is referred to as “The Underbelly”. The landscape works in harmony with architecture. It celebrates the process of grade change for access to basement. An overflowing water body in the courtyard generates sound of water which echoes in the enclosed space and animates it. The planting is lush and dense. The hardscape is very stylish in response to architecture.

The landscape at Raffles University provides spaces for informal get-togethers, contemplation, recreation and enhances the visual qualities of the environment.